August 19, 2022

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How We Own This City: Exploring Codes of Silence in Law Enforcement
It’s no key that regulation enforcement officers usually run underneath a code of silence. We’ve...

It’s no key that regulation enforcement officers usually run underneath a code of silence. We’ve all noticed the flicks and Television set shows that depict officers masking up for nearly each different, even after they know they’re within the utterly fallacious. However what’s it about this code of silence that tends to make it so difficult to separate?

On this web site article, we’ll examine the origins of the code and discuss a number of the means it impacts laws enforcement officers and the communities they serve. We’ll additionally talk about about how civilians can work to crack the code of silence and produce rather more transparency in laws enforcement.

The storyline of the We Very personal This Metropolis

The podcast sequence began with a query: how can we make Baltimore safer? We understood that a part of the answer would seem from the women and men who dwell beneath. We additionally understood that to get on the reality of the matter, we needed to transcend the figures and portions to go looking on the true-daily life actions of those that expertise prison offense and violence each single day. So we went to Baltimore, a metropolis that has been fighting greater charges of prison offense and violence for a few years. We talked to greater than 100 people, reminiscent of residents, regulation enforcement officers, prosecutors, safety attorneys, judges, and a few others who carry out within the jail justice program.

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Names of the characters within the We Personal This City

Proper listed here are the celeb’s names talked about beneath:

  • Jon Bernthal as Wayne Jenkins
  • Wunmi Mosaku as Nicole Steele
  • Jamie Hector as Sean Suiter
  • Josh Charles as Daniel Hersl
  • McKinley Belcher III performed as Momodu ‘G Cash’ Gondo
  • Darrell Britt-Gibson as Jemell Rayam
  • David Corenswet as David McDougall
  • Dagmara Dominczyk as Erika Jensen
  • Don Harvey as John Sieracki
  • Larry Mitchell as Detective Scott Kilpatrick
  • Delaney Williams as Kevin Davis
  • Lucas Van Engen as Leo Intelligent
  • Ian Duff as Ahmed Jackson
  • Anita Moore as Police Officer
  • Ken Arnold as Charlie Gibson
  • Rob Brown as Maurice Ward
  • Robert Harley as Detective Marcus Taylor
  • Seth Hurwitz as Donald Stepp

What we discovered was that there’s a code of silence among the many fairly a couple of in regulation enforcement?

We discovered that there’s a code of silence amongst fairly a couple of in laws enforcement that contributes to the cycle of violence and ends in an environment the place misconduct can prosper. This code of silence will take many varieties. In some cases, it’s willful blindness to misconduct by fellow officers. In different instances, it’s a failure to report acknowledged or suspected authorized exercise by regulation enforcement officers. And in nonetheless different cases, it’s a reluctance to cooperate with investigators or prosecutors who’re making an attempt to maintain officers accountable.

This code of silence shouldn’t be distinctive to Baltimore, however it’s notably pronounced beneath. We predict that this code of silence is among the issues that has contributed to the unrest in Baltimore and different cities throughout the nation. If we’re heading to sort out the dilemma of police misconduct, we have to begin by breaking the code of silence. We wish to make an environment by which officers really feel comfortable reporting misconduct, and by which they aren’t retaliated from for enterprise so.

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The stage is to provide an neutral mechanism

The preliminary transfer is to construct an unbiased system for investigating allegations of regulation enforcement misconduct. We wish a way that’s clear and accountable, and that has the place confidence in of the neighborhood. The second part is to alter the society of regulation enforcement in order that officers are inspired to report misconduct. These are simply a few the modifications that require to be designed to develop a extra simply and efficient regulation enforcement approach. We owe it to our communities, and to ourselves, to make these modifications. We will no lengthier tolerate a course of that fails to protect us, or that actively capabilities versus us. We’re worthy of better. We demand from prospects much better.

So, what do you’re feeling about We Particular person This Metropolis?