August 11, 2022

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Twitter reveals Hitman Holla controversy video, Video viral on social media

We know that social media is a very important part of any digital strategy. With...

We know that social media is a very important part of any digital strategy. With so many social media platforms making a splash, the idea of content helping people becomes doubly important. We also know that social media can be a nefarious mode of communication. There have been enough cases of harassment and abuse that have happened on online communities. However, what should be understood is that social media can also be a force for good. For instance, we have to accept that social media along with digital marketing can be used for the sake of charity and ensuring that there is some good being disseminated to communities across various geographical locations. 

Elegant Media, which is an app development company that is based in Australia creates apps like Uber and Instagram that help connect users with products and services. We know that when it comes to the aspect of charity, there needs to be a consensus with regard to how much money a n organisation can ask from an audience. This can just be one issue. Rather a bigger issue is the medium or platform that can help you in getting this sorted. Consider something like GoFundMe. Platforms like this have helped many causes and serve to be something that is a true mover and shaker when it comes to powering charity.

Mobile application development is an area that is in great demand, and with the fundraising option that is present on Instagram bios and profiles, you can see why. Mobile development will only evolve as time goes on. And, the truth is that when it comes to engagement and fixing the distance that exists between cause and goal, it is all based on different iterations of the app. This is something that needs to be looked into with the aim of progress being very important. Additionally there is also the use of stickers on Instagram that can help with the aspect of being engaging. 

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Yet it is not only Instagram that is doing this but also TikTok. The latter also uses the LIVE function where they can add their fundraiser campaign, too. Interestingly, what TikTok does is that it places a great deal of importance on engagement and interaction and so you can actually end up donating while watching the video that you are showcasing. There is a small hiccup, though; TikTok’s LIVE fundraising tools will only be apparent for those accounts that have over 1,000 followers. All in all, what is important to note is how social media despite all the negativity surrounding it, there is a consensus for these platforms to be more humane.